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85,33 EUR*
Details Introduction to High-Performance Scientific Computing (Scientific and Engineering Computation)

An Introduction to High-performance Scientific Computing This text provides an introduction to the use of high-performance computing systems (supercomputers) in scientific and engineering applications. It assumes a basic knowledge of numerical ...

58,20 EUR*
Details Organizing Scientific Meetings

Organizing Scientific Meetings An indispensible guide to organizing a scientific event of any size. Full description

116,41 EUR*
Details Rethinking the Scientific Revolution

Rethinking the Scientific Revolution This collection reconsiders canonical figures and the formation of disciplinary boundaries during the Scientific Revolution. Full description

7,63 EUR*
Details The Modern Scientific Method: Why a Modern Scientific Theory Is Not Just a Theory

The Modern Scientific Method Most people do not have a clear idea of what the scientific method is all about. This book is designed to fill that knowledge gap for the average person. Anyone (over the age of 14) who can read a newspaper or browse the ...

14,66 EUR*
Details Anatomy of a Scientific Discovery

Anatomy of a Scientific Discovery A true scientific page-turner that traces a remarkable scientific breakthrough (the isolation of endorphins in the brain) as dedicated scientists race--not only with their fellow scientists--but against time and the ...

74,89 EUR*
Details Scientific Progress: A Study Concerning the Nature of the Relation Between Successive Scientific Theories (Synthese Library, Band 153)

Scientific Progress This book gives a complete overview of how the different views of scientific progress have developed since the time of the Vienna Circle. In the process, it introduces a completely new, non-relativistic philosophy of science. Full ...

13,22 EUR*
Details An Introduction to Scientific Research

An Introduction to Scientific Research Exceptionally useful guide to pragmatic scientific method: design of experiments and apparatus, analysis of data, sampling and measurement, numerical computation, much more. Broad applications. References ...

26,47 EUR*
Details Oregon Scientific RMR 802 Wetterstation

Oregon Scientific RMR 802 Funkwetterstation

33,33 EUR*
Details Scientific Blacksmith

No Scientific Blacksmith Read a customer review or write one .

12,07 EUR*
Details Scientific Creationism

No Scientific Creationism Read a customer review or write one .

89,90 EUR*
Details FourTwenty Blue Scientific - 40CM - Mehrkammerbong

FourTwenty Blue Scientific - 40CM - Mehrkammerbong

279,99 EUR*
Details Sextant - Hemispherium Antique Scientific Instrument

Sextant - Hemispherium Antique Scientific Instrument A piece of vintage scientific style for your home High quality reproduction mariners' instrument The sextant was used by early sailors to find their latitude Beautifully crafted, highest quality ...

42,00 EUR*
Details Scientific Revolutions (Oxford Readings In Philosophy)

No Scientific Revolutions Read a customer review or write one .

30,44 EUR*
Details Oregon Scientific rm336pes Wecker mit Projektion schwarz

Oregon Scientific RM 336 PES schwarz Solar-Projektionsuhr Funkuhr

15,21 EUR*
Details Which Is Scientific: Resurrection or Reincarnation?

No Which Is Scientific Read a customer review or write one .